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After registering with JAB ANSTOETZ you can straightforwardly use all the services available in your country, e.g. our Configurator on JAB Marketplace and favourites from the product range from JAB ANSTOETZ and dealers, or immediately place an order with a local dealer. It is also possible to use the customer account to order samples and utilise other services promoted by JAB ANSTOETZ at registration. We also reserve the right to set up other services for you in the future.

1. Registration

1.1. Information in customer accounts

In order to register, you complete the registration process by correctly submitting the required information and data. Please state whether the account is intended for private use (‘I am a private customer (m/f)’), for commercial or freelance activities (‘I am a designer, planner or architect (m/f)’) or for editorial activities (‘I am an editor (m/f)’). JAB ANSTOETZ uses the categories to enable the services on offer in the customer account to be adapted. An e-mail address and a password chosen by the user are required to access your customer account. On completion of registration on the JAB ANSTOETZ webpage the account can be used for the duration of the contractual relationship.

1.2. Acceptance of registration

A request for registration is made by the user sending their registration to JAB ANSTOETZ. This request is accepted with the notification of registration. Acceptance may be under the condition of further identity checks such as the authorisation of the email address through replying to a confirmation email within a specific and appropriate deadline (so-called "Double-Opt-In"). Registration lapses if authorisation does not occur or the deadline is missed. The customer account is then deleted.

1.3. Rejection of registration

JAB ANSTOETZ is not obliged to accept a user. JAB ANSTOETZ is therefore free to reject the registration of a user without providing any reason for so doing.

1.4. Use and management of the customer account

You can save and manage, e.g., favourites from the product range of JAB ANSTOETZ and dealers. The management of a newsletter is also possible via the customer account.

JAB ANSTOETZ saves information on the registered user (e.g. billing address, delivery address, order history, lists of favourites, shopping baskets) so that this can be used for repeat purchases or other transactions on the Marketplace and so that ongoing or completed transactions can be tracked. It is also possible to manage data in the customer account (changes of address, saving delivery addresses etc.). Information on the further use of your data can be found in the data protection guidelines.

2. Transfer of the customer account to third persons

The transfer of a customer account with the connected data is only possible with the explicit consent of JAB ANSTOETZ.

3. Duration, termination

3.1. Duration

As a registered user, the contractual relationship between the registered user and JAB is of unlimited duration.

3.2. Notice of termination

The contractual relationship as registered user between the registered user and JAB can be terminated by either party with a period of notice of five working days and without citing any reason.

3.3. Termination without notice

Termination for good cause remains unaffected. Good cause applies if the party terminating the contract cannot be reasonably expected to continue the contractual relationship until the agreed date of expiration or the end of a period of notice – also without warning –, taking into consideration all the circumstances of the individual case and the interests of both parties. Good cause applies particularly

  • in the event of the user deliberately misleading or concealing circumstances relevant for concluding the contract with the dealer or for continuing customer access,
  • in the event of an application for insolvency being made, where there are bill or cheque protests or returned debit notes due to insufficient funds, in the event of insolvency or overindebtedness, in the event of a resolution to enter liquidation due to a lack of assets,
  • in the event of the deletion of one of the companies from the commercial register,
  • in the event of the cessation of Marketplace operations,
  • in the event of the user violating important provisions of this agreement.

3.4. Outstanding business

The settlement of, e.g., contracts entered into on the Marketplace before termination of the contractual relationship remains unaffected. This does not apply in cases of termination for good cause where the fulfilment of the contract cannot be reasonably expected. 

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